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Should You Be Afraid of Gutenberg?

The new Gutenberg editor for WordPress may seem like a scary transition. But take a few minutes to look at some of the features and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Writing with Markdown

Why Markdown? One frustration of using a word processor is its insistence on helping you correct things. Suggesting words, offering corrections and presenting you with a variety of formatting options — a word processor’s large set of features can be… Continue Reading →

How about a few short stories?

I realize it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything here. So how about a few short stories? I published them a short while ago on the major platforms: Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, B&N Nook and Kobo. Yes, there… Continue Reading →

Life Goes On

Sometimes, in the midst of all the stress, it’s nice to see that life goes on. My new job is good, but has a steep learning curve, which is stressful. And some family situations are adding to the pile. I… Continue Reading →

Staying on Task with Trello

One struggle that applies to most job types is staying on task. Whether that means writing the next chapter, gathering information or writing a blog post, most people tend to struggle with organization without an effective tool. Bring multiple people… Continue Reading →

Why I’m Not Writing a Blog Post Today

I’m not writing a blog post today, even though I planned on it and everyone has told me how I need to be consistent with this stuff. I realize, of course, that one might find it interesting that I’m writing… Continue Reading →

New Theme

Although I have a plethora of ideas on a variety of topics, I think any blog ought to have a general theme. I could spout off about anything, or I could focus my attention on providing my readers with some… Continue Reading →

New Book, New Format

First of all, I have published a new book called Distraction-Free Writing! It’s available on Amazon in print and kindle formats. Get your copy here. My second bit of news is that I have finally released The Bahawre Legend for iBooks!… Continue Reading →

Distraction-Free Writing Coming Soon

I am currently editing and formatting a new book: Distraction-Free Writing. It will be available in the next week or two. Those of you who struggle with this topic will be relieved to know it’s a short book. Who has… Continue Reading →

Life Changes

Life changes. Needs change. I guess stuff just changes in general. My most recent changes began about 8 months ago when it became clear my job was in jeopardy. Not for performance reasons. The company was in financial trouble. So… Continue Reading →

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