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Which WordPress is Right for You?

I regularly encounter confusion concerning WordPress. I think most of the confusion has to do with what people call the two options. People talk about .com versus .org. This makes it sound like competing domain names, but that’s incorrect. So… Continue Reading →

Should You Be Afraid of Gutenberg?

The new Gutenberg editor for WordPress may seem like a scary transition. But take a few minutes to look at some of the features and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Writing with Markdown

Why Markdown? One frustration of using a word processor is its insistence on helping you correct things. Suggesting words, offering corrections and presenting you with a variety of formatting options — a word processor’s large set of features can be… Continue Reading →

How about a few short stories?

I realize it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything here. So how about a few short stories? I published them a short while ago on the major platforms: Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, B&N Nook and Kobo. Yes, there… Continue Reading →

Life Goes On

Sometimes, in the midst of all the stress, it’s nice to see that life goes on. My new job is good, but has a steep learning curve, which is stressful. And some family situations are adding to the pile. I… Continue Reading →

Staying on Task with Trello

One struggle that applies to most job types is staying on task. Whether that means writing the next chapter, gathering information or writing a blog post, most people tend to struggle with organization without an effective tool. Bring multiple people… Continue Reading →

Why I’m Not Writing a Blog Post Today

I’m not writing a blog post today, even though I planned on it and everyone has told me how I need to be consistent with this stuff. I realize, of course, that one might find it interesting that I’m writing… Continue Reading →

New Theme

Although I have a plethora of ideas on a variety of topics, I think any blog ought to have a general theme. I could spout off about anything, or I could focus my attention on providing my readers with some… Continue Reading →

New Book, New Format

First of all, I have published a new book called Distraction-Free Writing! It’s available on Amazon in print and kindle formats. Get your copy here. My second bit of news is that I have finally released The Bahawre Legend for iBooks!… Continue Reading →

Distraction-Free Writing Coming Soon

I am currently editing and formatting a new book: Distraction-Free Writing. It will be available in the next week or two. Those of you who struggle with this topic will be relieved to know it’s a short book. Who has… Continue Reading →

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