I’m not writing a blog post today, even though I planned on it and everyone has told me how I need to be consistent with this stuff. I realize, of course, that one might find it interesting that I’m writing a post about not writing a post. But this is different. No research went into the writing of this post that’s not a post. No websites were harmed and no questionable language was uttered.

My plan was to give an overview of agile project management and how it can help to organize writing projects. One service I use for this is Trello. I was going to provide screenshots and explanations — maybe even a video. I know. This post is a significant disappointment in comparison. But never fear, I shall get to it next week.

The unfortunate nature of the industry I’m in (software/web development) is that projects and companies come and go. Out of my last three jobs, one ran out of money and another had a large client pull the plug on the project I was assigned to. Even though I want to stay put, circumstances beyond my control force me to move on — which I have done yet again.

I start a new job on Friday. Hopefully, this one will stick. I’ve spent the last month searching for jobs and pondering my options as a software developer. I could have gone freelance or short-term contract, but eventually opted for full-time employment instead.

One would think that my sparse work load over the last month would have resulted in a lot of writing. But a job search is a full-time job that doesn’t pay. So my writing suffered as I explored freelance options. I created a business site for myself (https://www.chrislmeyers.xyz  I’m still available for small projects like WordPress sites. In particular, I have a soft spot for writers). I created profiles on several freelance job sites, talked to a slew of recruiters, went to interviews, talked on the phone and all sorts of other stuff.

All of this is to say that I simply ran out of time this week, and that’s why I’m not writing a blog post today. But be prepared, because next week I’m writing a blog post!