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Kensington Slimblade Review

Those of you who know me know that I have a thing for input devices. Particularly keyboards and mice. I spend a lot of time at the computer on an average day, so my primary input devices are important. Several years ago, The Kensington Slimblade arrived on the market. My daily-driver at the time was…

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Reviewing in Context

I’ve been reading book reviews recently as I pursue what to read next. A few things popped out at me as I perused them. Not that I’m the authority on such things, but I think people who review books tend to lose sight of one thing: reviewing in context. What do I mean by that?…

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Why Isn’t Linux More Popular?

For years, fans of the Linux OS have asked a simple question. Why isn’t Linux more popular? Many theories have been put forth. Some of them involve perceived failings in the Linux OS. Others involve software availability and support resources. These are all valid points, but I think the core issue is simpler than that.…

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Stop the Creeps

In my last post, I described the creepy behavior employed by most online businesses including companies that pretend to have your privacy in mind. Like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and many others. The big question on your mind might be “What can I do about it?” Unfortunately, there is no single, easy solution. Unless…

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