island volcano in lightning storm

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ship and lantern in stormy sea
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view of moon from inside cave
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fantasy palace balcony
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volcano in a lightning storm
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The OneDrive Misconception

I wish Microsoft would stop marketing OneDrive as a backup solution. It is not. It is a file synchronization service. And there subtle, yet incredibly important, differences between synchronization services and backup services. The purpose of file synchronization is to enable multiple devices to use the same files. e.g. You have the same files on…

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Looking for a New Home

I was laid off last week along with most of my team. I think if I was younger and less experienced, I would be freaking out. But I’m oddly calm at this point. The software development market has always been a bit volatile, but when one job disappears, there is usually another waiting. And I’m…

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Review Fatigue

I had a recent discussion with my wife about product reviews. She was returning a product because what arrived did not match the description. And this was not the first time such a thing had happened. So I asked her if she read the reviews first. “It has 4.7 stars and something like 5,000 reviews.”…

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