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Welcome to the home of Chris L. Meyers, author of the Legends of Aeo fantasy series. Here you can find information about my books, articles and advice on the geeky side of writing.

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MacBook Pro: Anorexia Sets In

After the 2015 MacBook Pro, Apple made some anorexic decisions for the next iterations of their flagship laptop. What do I mean by Anorexic? The same thing I would mean about a human: an unhealthy obsession with losing weight to the point of self-harm. I’m certainly not talking about the core specs. They’re top notch.…

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User Experience

Before I start talking about pages, posts and themes, I’d like to take a moment to address user experience. WordPress, like any other app, must present an interface to the user that’s understandable and actionable. That’s right, I threw in one of those business terms. Don’t worry. You won’t have to play buzzword bingo with…

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Which WordPress is Right for You?

I regularly encounter confusion concerning WordPress. I think most of the confusion has to do with what people call the two options. People talk about .com versus .org. This makes it sound like competing domain names, but that’s incorrect. So which WordPress is right? Let’s start with a few definitions. What is WordPress? It’s open-source…

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