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Welcome to the home of Chris L. Meyers, author of the Legends of Aeo fantasy series. Here you can find information about my books, articles and advice on the geeky side of writing.

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Install the Classic Editor for WordPress

Frustrated with the new block editor (Gutenberg) for WordPress? You’re not alone. While many are excited about the new features, others are unhappy with the disruption to their process. If you find yourself in the latter group, here’s how you can install the classic editor for WordPress and return to normal. Login to your dashboard…

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How to Choose a Plan

If you read my previous post and decided you would like to go with for your site, here’s a basic explanation of which plan will suit your needs the best. Let’s assume that you are an author named Silo Brickers and you want to use your name as your website. Also understand that…

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Which WordPress is Right for You?

I regularly encounter confusion concerning WordPress. I think most of the confusion has to do with what people call the two options. People talk about .com versus .org. This makes it sound like competing domain names, but that’s incorrect. So which WordPress is right? Let’s start with a few definitions. What is WordPress? It’s open-source…

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Writing with Markdown

Why Markdown? One frustration of using a word processor is its insistence on helping you correct things. Suggesting words, offering corrections and presenting you with a variety of formatting options — a word processor’s large set of features can be your biggest distraction. Writing with Markdown can help, especially with first drafts. Plain text formats…

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