Chris Meyers is a software developer and fantasy author. He spent the first ten years of his career teaching middle and high school students. Eventually, he turned his attention to software development, where he spent over fifteen years writing web applications. Still a software developer in his day job, he writes novels in his off hours.

His journey into fantasy writing began while reading one of many fantasy books. When voicing his displeasure with the excessive amount of description in the genre, it was suggested he write his own book. So he did.

The Bahawre Legend is the first of a series of short novels about the fantasy world of Aeo. The second, The Bahawre Covenant, is planned for late 2018.

As a result of a very hectic season in his life, he took a break from his fantasy series and wrote a non-fiction book called Distraction-Free Writing. His many years of experience juggling family, work and long-term illness produced some simple strategies for managing distractions.

Apart from software development and writing, Chris loves geekery, gardening, food and tinkering with things.

He also takes on web development work. You can check out his other site for that.