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Legend of Bahawre is a book I’m writing. It is intended to be a series, so this tag is for short stories that go along with this series.

Holiday Giveaway

It can be really difficult to find a good book. More specifically a book that suits your preferences as a reader. And it’s not because such books do not exist. They do. But we lack a method of categorizing books… Continue Reading →

How about a few short stories?

I realize it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything here. So how about a few short stories? I published them a short while ago on the major platforms: Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, B&N Nook and Kobo. Yes, there… Continue Reading →

New Book, New Format

First of all, I have published a new book called Distraction-Free Writing! It’s available on Amazon in print and kindle formats. Get your copy here. My second bit of news is that I have finally released The Bahawre Legend for iBooks!… Continue Reading →

Life Changes

Life changes. Needs change. I guess stuff just changes in general. My most recent changes began about 8 months ago when it became clear my job was in jeopardy. Not for performance reasons. The company was in financial trouble. So… Continue Reading →

How About a Free Read?

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which book to buy – and unknown authors tend to fall down the list. But odds are if you’re reading this post, you do know the author! So how about a free read? Just the… Continue Reading →

The Bahawre Legend

My first novel, The Bahawre Legend, has been published! Here’s the description from the back of the book and the Amazon product page: The kingdom of Zille had never lost a ship until six hundred years ago. Through the centuries,… Continue Reading →

Bahawre Milestone

If you read this post and were waiting on pins and needles for more stories, I apologize. Only a few of you saw that post. For everyone else, it may be news to you that I’ve been writing a book…. Continue Reading →


Note:  Eyric is one of the main characters in the first book. This is a piece of her back story.     Eyric used to love the jungle. It was the only thing she had ever known, a deep seeded… Continue Reading →

Bahawre is coming

Those of you who know me have probably heard me mention a fantasy novel I’ve halfheartedly worked on over the years. Well, it’s no longer a halfhearted attempt. Last year, I pulled it off the shelf, dusted it off and started… Continue Reading →

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