Those of you who know me have probably heard me mention a fantasy novel I’ve halfheartedly worked on over the years. Well, it’s no longer a halfhearted attempt. Last year, I pulled it off the shelf, dusted it off and started rewriting it under the tutelage of a writing coach. It’s going very well, and I hope to be able to publish it on Amazon/CreateSpace by the end of the year.

The novel is about a kingdom in trouble, a mysterious island and the things that happen when elements of those two worlds meet. It will be a shorter novel. (~50k words instead of well over 100k, like a lot of fantasy books). This may be interesting to those of you who have tried to read fantasy, but have fallen asleep reading page upon page of description. As part of the shorter style, the novel is meant to be the first in a series. Not a series of cliffhangers, but of logical stopping points, so don’t worry about me pulling a modern TV series thing on you. My working title for the first book is The Legend of Bahawre.

In anticipation of finishing this, I will begin blogging some short stories about peripheral characters from the book. This should give you a nice glimpse into the world I’ve imagined. If you like short stories, stay tuned. I’ll try to do one every other week. I’ll probably write some articles as well, so there will still be something for you if you’re interested in my rantings on food, gardening and geekery.