The Kansas City Royals kept saying, “Never give up”. Just keep on trying. That must have made its way into the Kansas City Chiefs locker room as well. After going 1 – 5 to start the season, they finished with a 10 game winning streak to end at 11 – 5 and go to the playoffs. And then they won their first playoff game in over 20 years.

For those of you who don’t think any sports are worth your time, try and keep an open mind. Life lessons come from many different sources, and I’ve certainly learned my share from not only sports, but TV, movies, books, history and the people around me.

But today, because of a few of the sports teams I follow, I was inspired by a concept that seems to require constant reminders in order to stick in our brains. Don’t look at your circumstance. What’s your goal? Look at that. Look at what you need to do and do it. Turn the direction you need to be going and just keep moving. What are you after? Where would you like to be? Don’t think about the odds. Don’t think about how far you have to go. Just start moving and keep moving until you get there.

Do you want to be a programmer? Pick up some books. Take some courses. Start learning. Do you want to be a musician? Want to be a pop star? Don’t think about the odds. Get voice lessons. Learn an instrument or two. Try your hand at lyrics and music. Mechanic? Accountant? Writer? Flight attendant? Doctor? Each has its path. Find yours and get started. If you’ve already started, press on.

Having said that, don’t forget to provide for yourself (and your family) along the way. The vast majority of us will have to shovel our share of crap along the way. If you’re too proud to flip some burgers or stock some shelves, you have no place to complain. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you’re going to have to work for it. Get that in your head. Keep working. Keep trying. Press on.

These are lessons you can learn (or re-learn) from many different sources in life. I was recently inspired by a few sports teams.

UPDATE: Although the Chiefs lost their divisional game, I’m still inspired by their 11 game winning streak and first playoff win in 22 years.