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Lame Excuses: Red Wine and Chocolate

Studies over the last several years suggest red wine and chocolate may actually be good for us. It reminds me of a recurring comment we make at work when we decide to eat something unhealthy for lunch: if there’s any… Continue Reading →

How to Avoid a Bad Diet

I very commonly hear people talking about which fad diet they’re trying in order to lose weight. And there’s no shortage of them, so I still manage to encounter yet another “groundbreaking” new diet. Most of these diets suffer from… Continue Reading →

Sea Salt. Mmm

Salt is a very misunderstood component of our diet. Most people these days associate salt with high blood pressure and believe they should have very little salt in their diet. This is absolutely incorrect. Good salt (like sea salt) is… Continue Reading →

My Basic Food Rules

It seems we are constantly barraged with new diets and theories on how to eat. Don’t eat carbs! Don’t eat meat! Eat eggs, but not yolks! Oy! If you’re like me and have a family member who’s sick frequently with… Continue Reading →

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