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Posts vs. Pages

Once WordPress is installed and a user starts contemplating content, the first question that usually comes up is something along the lines of “Posts? Pages? Huh?” At a glance, the difference may not be entirely obvious. Here’s a quick explanation……. Continue Reading →

The Bahawre Legend in a Bundle

What’s better than a free Sci-Fi/Fantasy book? A free bundle of Sci-Fi/Fantasy books, of course! Check it out:

Installing Yoast SEO and MailChimp for WordPress

Today, I’m going to walk you through installing two WordPress plugins. The first is Yoast SEO, which is great at helping you manage SEO for your posts. The second is MailChimp for WordPress, which connects your WordPress blog to MailChimp,… Continue Reading →

Linux Desktop Environments Have a Lot to Learn

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away … Or maybe ten years ago in this galaxy … two main Linux desktop environments were dominant: GNOME and KDE. Sure, there were smaller segments of users who chose something like XFCE,… Continue Reading →

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