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Irrelevant Innovation

Steve Jobs was good at convincing people they needed something they had not previously imagined. Many of the innovations he brought to the world through Apple became the industry standard. Among these are tablets, iPhones, iPods and larger, buttonless touchpads…. Continue Reading →

The Mouse I Thought I Wanted – Revisited

If you read this post, then you know I was very disappointed with the Kensington Expert Mouse. My financial situation was different at that time, so I had opted for an open box from Microcenter. The item had been purchased… Continue Reading →

Why You Want a Mechanical Keyboard

Most computer users tend toward what’s already there. Windows, Internet Explorer and Google Search are prime examples of this tendency. It’s a sad truth that most people don’t realize they have a choice, and even if they do, they don’t… Continue Reading →

How to Choose a Keyboard

When most people shop for a computer, they look for specs to match their use case. Processor speed, number of cores, amount of RAM, video card and storage space are the big items. However, input devices are very frequently an… Continue Reading →

The Mouse I Thought I Wanted

For years, I’ve had my eye on the Kensington Expert Mouse, but I’ve always come short of buying one. I just can’t bring myself to spend over $100 on a mouse. It was one thing when I stopped buying the… Continue Reading →

Finding a Better Mouse

Several years ago, I found myself wanting a better mouse. My computer at the time was a Mac Pro that was provided by my employer, and the aluminum keyboard and Mighty Mouse that came with it were downright awful. The… Continue Reading →

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