Book cover with volcano sketchTitle: The Bahawre Secret
Series: Legends of Aeo #4
Published by: Chris L. Meyers
Release Date: 2020-11-04
Genre: ,
Pages: 211
ISBN13: 979-8558500042

The Bahawre Secret is the final book in the Legends of Aeo series. Please read the first 3 books before reading this one.

As several countries converge on Bahawre, the mysterious dragon's quest is revealed. Can Putlag avoid his doom? Who will save Bahawre if he cannot?

In Zille, the assassination attempts continue. With the king away on a mission, the traitors are emboldened by his absence. Can Emma find the conspirators before she becomes their victim?

Don't miss the exciting conclusion to the Legends of Aeo series.

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